Men’s Empower male sexual enhancer and stimulant libido booster improve erection`s quality product review

Men’s Empower is a male sexual enhancement product marketed by the company Trim’s International, which also manufactures other dietary supplements focusing on weight loss. This product in particular is advertised to “put the howl back into your sex drive.” Besides the listed ingredients this product does not offer much additional information, such as what effects the formula’s prone to create.

Unfortunately, many companies feel they can come up with one catchy tagline and sell products. Male sexual enhancement is a serious issue, which is not respected when blithely treated. However, we will still study the contained formula within this product to conclude if Men’s Empower would be an advantageous sexual aid for those who wish to treat male dysfunction.

Ingredients At A Glance
Men’s Empower: Yohimbe, which is an herb native to Africa known for its possible aphrodisiac effects; Panax Ginseng, which may increase energy and stamina; Saw Palmetto, which is a purported sex drive booster; L-Arginine, a non-essential protein amino acid.

This product also contains the following: Rhodiola Rosea Extract, Horny Goat Weed Extract, Wild Yam, Maca Root, Eleuthero, Muira Puama, Cinidium Monieri Extract, Proitotrib, Macuna Pruriens and DHEA.

Ingredients In Focus
As evident from above, this product contains an overabundance of ingredients, which may limit the potency of the included supplements. A product which contains fewer and more concentrated ingredients may be preferable for those who wish to gain more enhancement results.

Overall, it appears that this formula consists of alleged aphrodisiacs, some blood flow stimulators and various other herbs which provide antioxidants. This component may improve health and increase energy.


Lifestyle Benefits
As far as treating sexual enhancement issues this product may be limited in success rates. The contained ingredients are overwhelmed by the numerous supplements the manufacturer chose to throw into this formula. Though, if concentrated enough, the herb Yohimbe could potentially encourage blood flow to the genitals as well as boost sex drive. This could lead to more frequent and firmer erections.

This product does lack an effective testosterone booster, which could be an essential factor when addressing male sexual enhancements. Raised testosterone levels may provide more stamina and offer additional health benefits, which could be especially advantageous for men who have encountered a decline in natural testosterone due to the aging process.

One herb which has been shown to effectively raise testosterone levels is Tribulus Terrestris. This herb paired with Yohimbe could create very satisfying results. Unfortunately, Men’s empower does not contain Tribulus.

• Contains Yohimbe
• Contains antioxidants
• Contains Panax Ginseng

• Does not contain Tribulus Terrestris
• Does not cite research
• Includes an overabundance of ingredients in formula
• No online testimonials posted

Final Thoughts
Overall, it appears the manufacturers of this product put little effort into the creation and development process. The formula contains popular ingredients commonly found in other male enhancement supplements, but it is overloaded with too many surplus choices. Furthermore, there is no research cited or testimonials provided, and hardly any general information shared about Men’s Empower.

Generally, we find that products which contain a select amount of ingredients which are more concentrated to be more effective. Supplements which have an excess of ingredients may lose their potency and render itself useless. However, there are some included ingredients contained within this formula which may aid sexual performance, such as Yohimbe and Panax Ginseng. Though, both of these supplements may be more powerful when accompanied by a testosterone booster, such as Tribulus.

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It includes two trademarked ingredients, Solidilin and Drilizen, that it give what we like to call "the extra kick."

Together, it creates a powerful calibration designed to increase your body's natural production of nitric oxide, promote the dilation of blood vessels, producing harder, faster, longer erections, relax the muscle that allows blood to flow into the penis, and increase your testosterone production!

Plus, it helps increase your feelings of pleasure by harnessing the power of L-Dopa, the natural amino acid that's used by your body to synthesize dopamine!

(Click here to read more about the formula and ingredients.)

And just like you'd expect, Men`s Emprower is 100% safe!

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It's produced by the SAME well-known cGMP certified pharmaceuticals manufacturer that major retailers like Albertsons, Rite Aid, Safeway, Walgreen, Wal-Mart and more use to produce life-saving drugs!

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"I've been using Men`s Emprowers for 3 months, I've gained 1 inch in erect length... I really like the results and so does my wife.""I have used this product for about 3 months and have gained 1/2 inch in length and about 3/4 inch in girth."

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"I have been using Men`s Emprower for 2 months and I have gained a 1/2 inch in girth and 1/4 inch in length. My orgasms are so much more intense and my staying power has increased."

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"In the first 5 weeks of using the Men`s Emprower pills, I have seen some gains in length (7mm) and girth (11cm). very pleased with how much I've gained in a short time and i'm looking forward to gaining more - in the coming weeks."

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The new Men`s Emprower Pills formula was created based on the research and expertise of our medical herbalist, G. Alexander, who has worked as a herbalist for over 40 years in Europe. With more input from recent clinical studies, plus customer feedback, we refined the incredible formula that YOU can have today.

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"In my opinion, Men`s Emprower Pills provide a safe, unique blend of herbal ingredients creating a sexual nutrient formulation which through its remarkable effect on the penis, boosts your self-confidence.

If you want to have increased sexual desire, sexual stamina and incredible self-confidence then the Men`s Emprower™ system is one of the best products available"

— Dr. Michael A. Carter, Psy.D. - RCP Doctor of Clinical Psychology

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Best Penis Enlargement Pills

"The Men`s Emprower program is making an incredible difference in my patient's lives. That is why it is undoubtedly one of my most popular treatments.

Of the men who have taken the treatment, each has reported amazing changes in confidence, self image and overall well-being."

— G. Alexander, M.IH Medical Herbalist

Still feeling a little skeptical? We understand your hesitation, so we encourage you to take 6 FULL MONTHS to try Men`s Emprower.

Use it for a minimum of 90 days. If, for some reason during this time, you're not satisfied with the results, we encourage you to return the boxes for a 100% refund of monies paid (minus shipping and handling charges).

Of course, you don't need to use the product for 90 days to return it. We'll happily refund you for any unopened, returned product within 90 days of purchase, minus any shipping charges paid.

There are no gimmicks, no tricks... Just a generous amount of time for you to evaluate how the product works for you, and a genuine 100% money-back guarantee.

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You probably don't know this, but because "performance pills" are considered a nutritional supplement, they're not regulated by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration).

And this has led to some VERY serious quality control issues in our industry.

A study commissioned by the Wall Street Journal showed fecal contamination in some penis enlargement supplements... along with other coliforms, heavy metals, pesticides, yeast, and molds!

Frightening, right?!

Well, please rest assured that we take the quality and safety of Men`s Emprower very seriously.

That's why we've gone way above and beyond the call of duty and chosen the same cGMP certified pharmaceuticals manufacturer that major retailers like Albertsons, Rite Aid, Safeway, Walgreen, Wal-Mart and more use!

Created Using The SAME Quality Standards
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That's right. Most of the very same standards, tests and procedures used to manufacture life-saving drugs are used to create Men`s Emprower.

This means...
We're cGMP compliant and certified!
All of our raw materials are tested for purity prior to production.
We'll happily show you our Certificates of Analysis for any of our ingredients to prove their freshness, safety, and potency. (Just ask!)
And every bottle of Men`s Emprower is carefully marked with a lot number and expiry date... proof that we take your safety and our reputation very seriously!

... As you can imagine, our high standards for quality eat into our profit margins.

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Our doctor, herbalists, and independent consumer review sites agree -- there is no other male enhancement product like the Men`s Emprower System.

Men`s Emprower was created based on the research and expertise of our medical herbalist, G. Alexander, who has worked as a herbalist for over 40 years in Europe.

So health care professionals not only recommend this product, but they also offer signed testimonials that Men`s Emprower is not only effective... it's safe.

Dr. Michael A. Carter, Psy.D.

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"Through my research, I have concluded that the ingredients in Men`s Emprower Pills heighten semen production resulting in larger orgasms, increase sexual stamina, and help with premature ejaculation.

Psychological sexual research consistently demonstrates that sexual desire and sexual satisfaction are very dependent on the way you view yourself psychologically.

Your self-confidence plays a very large part toward a healthy psychological perception of yourself.

In my opinion, Men`s Emprower™ Pills provide a safe, unique blend of herbal ingredients creating a sexual nutrient formulation which through its remarkable effect on the penis, boosts your self-confidence.

If you want to have increased sexual desire, sexual stamina and incredible self-confidence then the Men`s Emprower™ system is one of the best products available.

The system substantially increases your ability to please your sexual partner for longer periods of time.

It also decreases the likelihood of premature ejaculations, a primarily psychological condition which Men`s Emprower has been shown to be very effective in treating, according to users of the Men`s Emprower™ system: Men`s Emprower™ Pills and the Erection System™ exercise program."


Dr. Michael A. Carter, Psy.D.
RCP Doctor of Clinical Psychology
12021 Wilshire Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90025

G. Alexander
M.I.H Medical Herbalist

One Of My Most Popular Treatments!

"Men`s Emprower™ and the Men`s Emprower™ family of products offer one of the few systems I would ever prescribe to my patients.

In my years of experience as a medical herbalist, countless men have come to me looking for a male enhancement program. Since its inception, Men`s Emprower™ has revolutionized the personal enhancement industry.

The Men`s Emprower™ program is making an incredible difference in my patient's lives. That is why it is undoubtedly one of my most popular treatments.

Of the men who have taken the treatment, each has reported amazing changes in confidence, self image and overall well-being. I gladly give this system my full endorsement and recommend it."

Men`s Emprower contains our patented combination of the very best male potency ingredients money can buy!

While Drilizen, Zinc, Taj, and Momordica take care of the physical side, giving you faster, harder, reliable erections...

Solidilin and L-Dopa take care of the psychological side, making sure motivation grows and pleasure follows!

It's a powerful calibration designed to...
Increase your body's natural production of nitric oxide, promoting the dilation of blood vessels and producing harder, faster, longer erections!
Relax the muscle that allows blood to flow into the penis and fill the two sponge-like tissues called Corpora Cavernosa.
Help increase your testosterone production!
Dramatically improve your sexual motivation, producing desire and instantaneous longing for sex!
Increase your feelings of pleasure by harnessing the power of L-Dopa, the natural amino acid that's used by your body to synthesize dopamine!

... Plus much more!

And unlike prescription pharmaceuticals like Viagra that you get from your doctor, Men`s Emprower is a 100% natural herbal supplement that doesn't just help to increase your erection size...

... It increases your sexual appetite, interest, and responsiveness, too!
The Men`s Emprower Formula Includes...

One component in the Solidilin™ compound has shown in numerous animal studies to improve sexual motivation.

In one study by the School of Pharmaceutical Sciences (University of Science Malaysia) results showed a significant enhancement in the sexual qualities of middle-aged rats.

The compound also contains L-Dopa, the precursor to dopamine, which is the pleasure-giving neurotransmitter in the brain.
Taj and Safflower:

Taj and Safflower are both vasodilators, meaning they open up the blood vessels to encourage more bloodflow.

In other words, they can increase blood flow to the penis, causing an erection to occur.

This expansion of the vascular spaces of the penis reduce blood outflow, thus sustaining the length of an erection.

In addition, safflower contains omega-3 fatty acids which have been shown to reduce the chances of heart disease.

Along with existing as an incredible aid to those with diabetes and indigestion, Momordica has also been shown to reduce bodyfat thereby increasing body testosterone levels.

It's a fantastic source of Vitamin C and in studies in rats, it has been shown to promote antispermatogenesis, acting as a natural contraceptive.

Additionally, Chinese researchers have found that it contains proteins which show promise in promoting anti-HIV activity.
Apigenin and Amla:

Apigenin is a citrus bioflavonoid used primarily in the prevention and treatment of cancer. Amla is the world's richest source of Vitamin C.

Bioflavonoids, such as apigenin, are thought to work synergistically with Vitamin C in the maintenance of blood vessel health.

This pairing works to keep your sexual organ healthy and functioning properly over the long term.

Used mainly in cardiovascular health, Arjuna is an important component of a healthy sexual lifestyle.

Regulating both blood pressure and heart rate, this herb works to pace the body, which has been seen to be an incredibly beneficial trait during sex.

This agent can increase testosterone production, thus aiding tremendously in your enhancement efforts.

In a study of mice given Cordyceps, plasma testosterone levels were significantly increased in both 3-day and 7-day trials.

Testosterone is directly responsible for the development and maintenance of sex drive in males.
Zinc (gluconate):

Zinc aids in sperm motility and quality.

It is also is very important in the metabolism of testosterone. Zinc, in the form of zinc gluconate, is more easily tolerated than other forms.
Reishi Mushroom:

Increases stamina and energy. Also boasting anti-allergic, anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and antioxidant properties, reishi is thought to lift the mood and increase one's sense of spirit and vitality.

The benefits of reishi translate perfectly to the bedroom.

Acting as a full system tonic, Shatavari has also been used to aid males suffering from sexual debility and impotence.

Overall, it can have a calming affect on the body, stabilizing body weight, decreasing nervousness and promoting healthy sleep.

A proprietary herbal formulation that increases nitric oxide release, which may prolong erections through coronary vasodilation.

Nitric oxide also relaxes vascular smooth muscle via parasympathetic stimulation, which allows blood to flow to the penis and reach erection rapidly.

Drilizen™ contains a protein amino acid, that is the precursor to nitric oxide in the body. Drilizen increases testosterone production, in that it also contains an active ingredient known as protodioscin.

Protodioscin increases the secretion of luteinizing hormone (also known as interstitial cell-stimulating hormone). This hormone in turn regulates the secretion of testosterone from the Leydig (interstitial) cells in the testes.

A type of seaweed found on the Atlantic and Pacific coasts, Bladderwrack Is considered to promote thyroid health and is also used in cases of high cholesterol, arteriosclerosis, obesity, and exhaustion.

A healthy thyroid streamlines the metabolism making it more efficient and effective. Healthy metabolism is an integral part of both erection enhancement and sexual well-being.

Remember: Herbal ingredients are powerful and effective, but ONLY if they are fresh, pure and robust.

Old or improperly processed plants are useless and a waste of money.

That's why we use the very best, and assure freshness and potency with strict standards of inspection backed by Certificates of Analysis.

To learn more about our manufacturing and safety standards, click here.